THOR comes out today! treat yourself to some aussie norwegian man god fun and get out there! i'll be checking out the 7pm showing tonight at the sundance kabuki. unfortunately they're only showing it in 3d, but the reserved seats and booze service will help me cope. i've also updated my website and gallery thanks to the friendly, yet slightly costly wysiwyg at

i worked as an illustrator on thor for about a year and helped in the preliminary design of asgard, odin's tower, heimdall's observatory and some other environments and set dec. it was a lot of fun and i was in the company of some very talented individuals. i can't speak highly enough about the production designer, bo welch.

oh and the thor 'art of' book is out. along with some of my work you'll find some incredible art from my talented friends: ryan meinerding, charlie wen, michael kutsche, vance kovacs, raj rihal and kasra farahani to name a few.

some of the stuff that didn't make it into the book i'll have up in my gallery. you know, for the net-street cred and such...

as you were.